Aluminum Garage Doors in Las Vegas

When you set out to purchase a garage door in Las Vegas, there are many materials from which to choose. Wood doors were the most popular for a very long time followed by Steel. But these are quite heavy and expensive. A modern option that fits most clients budget is an aluminum garage door. Aluminum designs are lighter so if the power goes out or you want a manual only option for your door, you can lift it much easier than you would a heavy wood door. There’s also no security risk of a heavy wood door malfunctioning and falling on you. Today many top providers offer brand name aluminum garage doors in Las Vegas that you can customize to fit your needs.

Aluminum garage doors bring with them surface benefits. The material used is lightweight, low-cost, low maintenance, and rust proof. Aluminum garage doors are also much simpler to operate. Single piece aluminum doors can be purchased at very low cost. You can even get insulated aluminum options that are much more reasonably priced compared to insulated steel doors.

If you plan on investing in an aluminum garage door in Las Vegas, you need to understand that they’re not as strong as steel designs. As a consequence, they are much more likely to dent. If you have very active children who are learning to ride bikes or learning to drive, they could accidentally hit the door and dent it. Of course this isn’t the end of the world. Many homeowners have the tools and capabilities to remove a simple dent if they so choose. You must also recognize that aluminum designs might make your home less energy efficient because they don’t properly block the flow of heat. You can of course enhance your design with extra insulation but there are fewer manufacturers on the market that do this.

Aluminum garage doors are a reliable and low cost option especially for stand-alone units that are not attached to the home. Aluminum is great for garages that are attached to houses as well because the material can be painted over or otherwise modified to be more aesthetically appealing.

Adding Windows

One customization option is to add windows to your garage door. Adding light to your garage door is great if you want to use the garage for productive purposes but you also want to find a good balance between natural lighting and security or privacy. If, for example, you work out in your garage, you might want to avoid working out in a dark space without any windows but you probably don’t want your neighbors passing by and seeing everything that you are doing. So, choosing the location and playing around with the options is going to help you find the perfect balance between light and privacy. If you want to be able to look into your garage at all times and check on everything without having to open the garage door, to make sure that things haven’t been stolen or that your kids haven’t taken the car out without permission, integrating windows is a great way for you to simply pass by and gaze inside.

Better Insulation

If you live in an area in Las Vegas with fluctuating seasons or very cold winters, you can add heat to your home and reduce the amount of money you spend on your energy bills by improving the garage door you have. Your garage door is the single largest entryway into your home. Whether you have a one car garage doors, a large two-car garage door, or even one single car garage door, it is still going to be in almost all cases the biggest door into your home. If your garage door is old, outdated, or poorly insulated, it will allow outside air to enter into your garage and subsequently into your home. For this reason, many people end up paying a lot more than they need to on energy costs. It doesn’t happen immediately either. It takes time but slowly and surely it cost more and more for you to keep your home comfortable. If this is the case, it’s time to consider a custom garage door in Las Vegas with better insulation.

Whatever your garage door needs, contact our team of professionals to help you decide on the best options for your home.


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