Black Garage Doors Las Vegas

Many homeowners invest in black garage door paint in Las Vegas as a way to revive an older door, especially if that door has nicks, damage, or rust. Black can hide a multitude of sins, but it also works well to add style to your home. For example, black paint really pops against a home with a white exterior. Black is a much more sophisticated and contemporary color which makes it the perfect Garage door paint color if you have a modern home that is white. If your home is gray in color you can create high contrast and make the garage door stand out with a new coat of dark, deep black.

Choosing The Right Color for Your Garage Door

The first tip for choosing the right color is to avoid matching the front door with the garage door. The front door and entryway area should be the focal point of your home. It is easy to want to match all of the doors, back door with front door with side door with garage door, but the key is to make sure that front door remains a focal point. So choose a different shade at the very least for your garage door.

You can instead consider matching the color for your garage door with the rest of your home. If your garage is affixed to the home, picking the same color that you use for the home exterior can make your house seem bigger.

If you have any doubts about the color to choose, pick something safe. Pick a neutral color that matches the color of your windows or the trim around your windows. Remember that your home is the biggest ass that you probably have so the color you pick for your garage door is going to impact the way people perceive that home and the value you get out of it. Our team can help you to choose the most appropriate neutral shade so that you can continue to have a home whose value and curb appeal increases with time.

Preparing The Door

You have to prepare your garage door to make sure that the paint adheres to the surface and won’t peel off or chip away as you use the door. You also want to prepare the door because it simply helps the new paint color to last longer. If, for example, you have a wooden door, you will need to sand down the wooden garage door to remove any type of evenness in the texture before you paint. Even if you don’t the release trip the garage door of the existing paint before you start, you still want to clean the door thoroughly. Our professionals will use the best tools to get rid of any rust spots or chipping paint but you can do the same thing with a wire brush. Again, if the door is not metal and is would you simply want to sand it down so that everything is a smooth and even surface.

After these blemishes have been removed and the door is smooth it is time to clean it. All-purpose sprays or soaps with warm water are perfect for cleaning the door. Everything should be hosed down at the end or wiped clean with a wet towel. The door needs to dry completely before anything else happen. It is important that you remove any dirt or debris built up on the door because if you don’t it will remain in place and simply be painted over. This can cause uneven textures and will eventually lead to chipping in the paint as the debris or dirt underneath starts to move.

Professionals will tape off the area that is not scheduled to be painted such as the trim or the handles, including any windows so that glass remains free of paint. You can obviously do the same thing if you are going to paint the door yourself. We can supply you with all of the things you need to get that done.

We Can Help!

Once you are ready to give your Las Vegas garage door an improved look, we have many styles and paint manufacturers for you to examine. We can help you to offer a free estimate and explain what other steps might go into painting your door in Las Vegas, and help you to choose a color that you love.


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