Blue Garage Doors in Las Vegas

Before you commit to one color it is a good idea to do some neighborhood exploration. Walk around your Las Vegas neighborhood and pay attention to the existing color schemes that other houses have chosen. You might find that your street or neighborhood has a high number of white houses with bright blue doors or brick houses with similar shade garage door colors. If that is the case you can choose to do the same thing those homeowners have done or choose something different.

How to Select a Color

If you are still not sure what color to choose for your garage door pick one that coordinates. It certainly doesn’t have to match the color of your home exterior in Las Vegas, but it should coordinate in some way. You can always pick a neutral color if you aren’t quite ready for something bold.

Don’t focus on being too trendy or flashing. The idea of a bright blue door might seem fun but it could eventually become an eyesore especially if the color fades very quickly under the direct sunlight your garage door received. Something that is bold and over-the-top might actually detract from your intended curb appeal. You can certainly still pick a blue color but pink a shade that is slightly tamer.

Don’t hesitate to pick more than one accent color. In fact nobody says you have to pick just one color for your Las Vegas garage door. If you have paneling on your garage door or you have a three-car garage, you can mix and match colors so that you have accent colors around the recessed window panels or on one door for your bicycles and storage with another color for the garage doors that has your vehicles. Having two or three accent colors that work well with one another might be better for you. You might choose a garage door color that is a deep blue with a trim that is cream or white.

You don’t want the garage door to be the focal point of your home. There is a key difference between drawing attention to it, such as having a rich navy blue color against a yellow brick design, and making it the focal point, the one thing that people see when they look at your house. You don’t want people to only notice the garage door. You want people to take in the entire landscape and simply see the garage doors as a bold part of an otherwise beautiful picture. It is better to call attention to the front door and simply have your garage door function as a compliment.

If you are going to choose a bold, bright color, stick to just one. If you are trying to choose between two different colors both of which are equally appealing, pick the one that is more complimentary or coordinating to the existing paint color you have on the rest of your home. This is important when it comes to resale value. You might find the right paint color is great for you personally but when you try to sell your home it won’t be.

When to Choose Blue

Analogous Colors are the ones right next to one another. This means a color scheme of violet mixed with blue violet. The differences between these colors are very subtle but that subtle difference can help you to stay within one color scheme. Complementary colors might be important for your design. For example: blue and orange are complementary so having an orange tone to your home might require that you have a beautiful blue door.

Blue is a great color especially if it is dark for people with a white house. A dark primary color like blue can infuse some color into a white exterior. If your Las Vegas home has a neutral color light gray or brown you can avoid a muddy color and pick something that is a deep, rich shade of navy blue. These richer more vibrant navy blue Shades will provide a lovely compliment to a gray home.

Give Us a Call!

If you are still unsure of what color to choose, let us help you. We can go over different options with you and help you determine the best color scheme for your Las Vegas home.


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