If we’re constantly distracted by the thought of emails, clients and other work in our business structure on it’s own isn’t going to help. When we are constantly pushing ourselves and struggling with mindset we will end up being stressed and distracted. Even though we’re not active in our business, we’re thinking about it all the time. We will feel overwhelmed because we are juggling the two.

When we find a way we can comfortably communicate our boundaries, our structure and our expectation then we set that out for others in our lives. This might be clients, colleagues, family, friends. Clear communication sets expectation, knowing what to expect, what they need to do too!

People will not know what is acceptable to us, when our business is open unless we communication clearly. Do this in a factual way to make it easier and less emotional for you.

Source – https://medium.com/thrive-global/what-are-good-effective-boundaries-in-business-59e68da7740a