Carriage House Garage Doors

Carriage House style garage doors in Las Vegas combine two of the predominant elements to a residential home, the first being the modern convenience of having a garage door that opens overhead and the second being the rustic charm of a traditional carriage house.

If you want to replace your existing garage doors or find the perfect style for a newly constructed home, carriage house style doors are a great way for you to bring a bit of your personal style into the exterior of your home all the while increasing the curb appeal of your new house in Las Vegas. You can find a wide range of materials, finishes, hardware, configurations, and window options all of which are designed to complement the architecture of your home.

Steel Carriage House Designs

If you choose a steel carriage house garage door, you get to pick between one of three steel construction designs depending on the brand you use. Double or triple layer insulation designs are going to give you the best bang for your buck, so to speak. Double insulation layers use a layer of polyurethane after the layer of steel. Triple layer designs have an extra layer of steel on the outside of the insulation. With these cases you get increased efficiency with a more durable design that can withstand a few bumps and scrapes. You also get a lightweight design so if you need to pick up the door and open it manually in the event that the power goes out or something stops working, you can do so safely.

Depending on the product and brand you use, you can choose from steel or composite construction. There are products on the market that offer a swing out appearance, but it has an overhead operation. There are roughly 12 base designs from which to choose depending on the company or manufacturer you use. With each of these designs there are options for decorative hardware and windows. You can select a custom design or custom size. There are so many style combinations available and multiple paint colors from which to choose.

Other product lines offer things like 5 layer construction with specialized insulation and materials that can be stained to look like whatever would you prefer. The design options you have with a carriage house door allow you to install hardware not only behind the scenes but on top of the door so that it looks like you have a beautiful home with two wrought iron handles that open the doors to swing outward, but in reality the door opens overhead the same as a traditional door. However, nothing makes your home look more charming and Victorian quite like this door.

Wood Carriage House Garage Door Designs

There are plenty of authentic handcrafted, two-layer construction wood doors available in Las Vegas if you’re willing to make the investment. You can choose to install 6 door sections with 10 window sections on top or anything in between. You can select the swing out appearance with the overhead operation and paint or stain the wood to whatever shade you desire. The door itself can be crafted out of Redwood, Cedar, Hemlock, and much more. You can choose a tree design with energy efficient insulation that has been stained to look rustic and Warren, perfect for a French country themed home. If you want the door to look specifically like a solid wood paneled design that one would find in front of a stable, with wrought iron hardware, you can choose that as well.

What Makes Carriage Style Garage Doors Unique?

The Carriage style doors date back to a bygone era where people used horse-drawn carriages and needed doors to open outward so that the carriage could enter and exit. Originally crafted from would they have a popular natural finish. Today homeowners can achieve that country style look by doing things like crossbuck panels with a white finish. Natural tones for the would provide a beautiful balance for your home and of course there are plenty of window choices that range from designer glass to plain glass all the way to artistic glass with beveled inserts.

Calling on The Professionals

When you are ready to select the carriage house door of your dreams, we can help you to compare the cost of things like composite material versus natural wood. We can help you review issues such as durability or wind resistance depending on where you live. If you are ready for the perfect look to complete your home in Las Vegas, contact our team of professionals today.


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