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Installing Rollup Garage Doors

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Get Help Installing Your Rollup Garage Door in Seattle

When it comes to garage door installation in Seattle, you have a lot of options for customized designs and installation. One such option is rollup doors. What are rollup garage doors? Rollup garage doors are a great option for residential homes in Seattle. They can be made of metal or synthetics and do not require the same room as other types of garage doors. There are, however, risks of your rollup garage doors getting jammed or having other issues such as sagging.

Fixing many of these problems can be done on your own without having to call a professional or replace the entire rollup garage doors. Any rollup garage doors move on metal tracks or large springs. The tracks are located on the inside of the garage. These tracks are held together with mounting brackets. Sometimes, these brackets loosen which can be repaired easily by tightening them. The tracks might get dented, crimped, or have a flat spot which can be repaired by hammering out the spot until it is back to normal.

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Custom Steel Garage Doors

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Seattle Custom Steel Garage Doors

Designing a custom steel garage door means choosing the layers, thickness, and insulation. Steel garage doors of the single layer variety come in one of three thicknesses which are referred to as 24, 25, and 26 gauge. The lower the number, the thicker your metal is going to be. This design is adequate for people in Seattle who want a simple but reliable door that will simply seal off the garage area from the outside and won’t buckle if the weather turns foul.

The two layer garage doors are typically backed with a layer of vinyl to hold the insulation in place. They have better performance when it comes to insulation and energy efficiency. Obviously triple layers will be the best overall because they provide you with 2 inch of thickness for your door.

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