Clopay is the number one North American provider of garage doors. They have been in business for a long time so they know what it means to find the perfect garage door in Las Vegas and how much that can improve the curb appeal of your home. They offer a wide variety of styles from raised panel to Modern to Carriage House doors all of which come with convenient overhead operation. There is different hardware, materials, colors, and wood grain finishes available all of which can be chosen to complement the exterior of your home. They use special insulation technology to provide doors that are quiet and durable. They provide insulated glass window options that allow you to get natural light while maintaining energy efficiency, and much more.

Unique Product Options

Getting natural light during the day inside a garage is easily achieved with full vision doors. If you customize your garage door to include full vision doors, you’ll get the same degree of light inside as you would outside. One of the nice advantages to investing in these designs is that you get natural light pouring in all day. The custom garage doors are comprised of clear panels which allow sunlight to shine in. So you don’t have to go outside to enjoy all of the natural light that exists in your area. Clopay company offers the Avante garage door collection which is perfect for people who want to allow sunlight and without far too much illumination. There are many different designs, 13 separate window pane options from which to choose. This allows you to select the degree of light that you prefer.

If your garage is going to be a workspace for you, such as a Wood-shop or a craft area and you want to allow as much light as possible, you can choose to have the entire garage door be a panel for easy sunlight. Obviously you’re going to want to compare this with the direction your garage door faces and your security needs.

With these full vision doors, you enhance the aesthetic value of your home and add a degree of modern design qualities. Your home will be much warmer if you live in a very cold area. Some states simply don’t get a lot of exposure to warm temperatures most of the year. If you live in an area where the sunlight might be present but the temperatures outside are still rather cold most of the time, you can capitalize upon the natural warmth of the sun without having to expose your home to the colder windy temperatures. Sunlight itself will still provide a great deal of warm which will warm up the interior garage space and eventually make its way into your home.

Steel and Aluminum Options

If you choose to install the full vision panels, you can choose steel or aluminum door options. Obviously you can’t just have windows, but you can install steel or aluminum doors which are rust proof so they can withstand any foul weather while simultaneously increasing the level of resiliency, protection, and natural light that you get. These are simple and straightforward designs and we can help you too create the custom options you prefer.

Best Seals of Approval and Ratings

Independent market research has measured brand preference, familiarity, and use across nearly 70 product categories. Builders have reviewed product performance for different garage door brands based upon things like ease of installation, price, warranty, availability, manufacturers refutation, and professional relationships with installing dealers. Clopay not only offers a wide selection of garage doors made from glass, composite, steel, and wood, but they also offer historical Carriage style designs, traditional panel designs, and contemporary design. They are in fact the only residential garage door brand that has earned a seal of approval from Good Housekeeping since 1996 as part of this market research and its results. Builders magazine conducted other brand use studies and found that this company absolutely beats out the competition across the board.

Working With Us

We can work with you to select any of the many products from the product line that they offer. If you want to discuss this natural light option, an Overhead Door option, steel designs, aluminum designs, or different colors, contact a member of our team in Las Vegas. We can help you to review all the product lines that Clopay has to offer so that you can pick a solution you love.


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