Copper Garage Doors in Las Vegas

Copper is a popular door material in Las Vegas, one that is unique among garage doors. It offers homeowners a distinctive look that is truly breathtaking.

Panel Designs

Once you decide on the copper material for your door in Las Vegas, it is time to consider the panel styles you want, if any. With 99.9% copper material, which is what copper garage doors are you have the option of different panels inside made with various shapes and styles. Long panels are the typical panels used for larger doors, particularly two car garages. A standard one car garage door would have eight of the long panels, four columns of two.

The short panel design is another popular option, comprised of four rows of four panels, sixteen in total for a single car garage door. Short panel designs have a similar panel amount, four by four, but inside each of the sixteen panels are vertical lines dividing the panels into equally sized sections.

Some homeowners prefer the grooved design which does not have any panels but instead has grooves or lines that run the entire door, from top to bottom, going from left to right. On a similar note, there are ribbed versions for the paneling which divide a single car garage door into four equally thick sections with four ribbed indentations running horizontally.

Tints and Laminates

Once panel designs have been considered, you can vacillate over the window options, including the tints and laminate options. In these cases, the windows do not have to be clear, but instead can be tinted to stimulate color. If you have chosen glass windows, you can choose a frosted design, clear color, or smoked shade. The latter is the darkest option while the frosted gives off an opaque color, perfect for homeowners who want a bit of privacy but still want to allow natural light into the area. If the windows are crafted from acrylic, you can also choose a bronze coating, gray color, or pebbled tint—pebbled being the same as a frosted tint but with a bit more texture to it.

For laminates, you can choose colored hues including a dark and light blue or green, bronze, or gray. All of these colors can be purchased in an opaque or clear color, giving you the power to alter the amount of natural light that is let into the garage and the amount of privacy you have should you choose to use the space as a place for work, exercise, or other activities. The windows can be designed to offer extra insulation alongside a steel frame for higher security. There are high impact acrylic options available for those who do not want glass, and the high impact acrylic options have higher durability, climate control, and sound reduction. Again, if the space is going to be used for woodworking or band practice for your children, these could be the small features that make the copper doors well worth the investment; they will look great outside with tint to match your home and will still afford climate control and noise reduction.

Window Styles

Panels are not the only design area over which you have control with your new copper garage door. You can also change the window styles. Virginian short and Virginian long are two of the more common styles, with each window being cut perfectly in the center and across the middle with a window pane. The Oxford style has a rounded window shape at the top. Similar to the Oxford design is the Victoria window shape which has the same rounded top for the windows but without any panels cutting through the actual glass portions. Nottingham style windows are made of two rows of four windows without any panels cutting through them. If you want just one row of windows without any panels, the Lancaster has the rounded top shape while the Roxbury has straight square window panes. For optimum light, Hampshire and Canterbury designs are comprised of a single pane of glass spanning the entire door. You can also opt for a full view short or full view long which replaces an entire panel or two in the door with a window pane. There are of course alternatives that are more creative. Mimicking the rising and setting sun shapes, there is the Sunset and Dawn window style which has panels designed like sunbeams shooting across all four windows in the garage door, the large circular sun shape in the center.


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