We Now Offer Custom Faux Wood Garage Doors in Seattle

When you customize your faux wood garage door, you can choose different colors, styles, windows, insulation, and features. We can help you decide which brand is best, then determine what style and color match or complement your home in Seattle. If you want something special, we can help you find it.

Adding Garage Door Windows

Windows can help your garage door to stand out in your neighborhood, and give your house a much more inviting feel. When you choose to customize your faux wood doors with garage door windows you have a lot of choices available to you.


Many people add windows on the top part of the garage door so that you can get natural light in your garage in a somewhat unobtrusive fashion. Obviously this isn’t the only option you have. If your garage door is large enough that it has, for example, a set of panels that are four by four, you might choose to set the top two rows of four panels with windows to allow ample light.

Type of Glass

You also have to consider which type of glass you want. There are plenty of glass options from which to choose. Opaque glass for example improves the curb appeal of your home and adds to your privacy. Decorative glass might better compliment your personal taste or the exterior of your Seattle home. You can improve the exterior of your home with special, customized glass for your faux wood door.


The shape of your windows doesn’t have to be a traditional square. You can feature the windows so that they line up in an arch or conform to the existing shape of the panels in the structure you already have. There are plenty of options out there. If you have a vintage home in Seattle, the arch window design might be better. But if you have a contemporary door, you might prefer the standard square option.

Better Insulation With Custom Faux Wood Garage Doors

When you invest in a custom garage door in Seattle, you can enjoy the sound proof designs that calm as a natural benefit. The extra layers of insulation actually prevents any echoing. So consider how much noise is going to be let out through things like window panes. If your garage door is too thin, not only could noise from your house exit through the garage and interrupt your evening, but noise from outside could enter into your house and do the same thing.

If you live on a street that has a lot of vehicle traffic your residence will hear a lot more of it if you have a thin garage door. If you have Rowdy neighbors, the same is going to be true. Soundproofing should be something just as important as temperature insulation.

Most people don’t recognize that having bad insulation in a garage door can hurt them financially. The seals around your door or windows could eventually become compromised with time and when this happens are can pass between the inside and the outside of your home. You may not realize it but you will start to turn your HVAC system up more and more to compensate for this loss of insulation. Eventually you will see higher expenses for energy which will exceed the cost of maintaining better insulation.

Your garage door is important because it functions as the biggest entryway into your home. By choosing a special design with optimum insulation, you can rest assured that long-term your energy bills will remain minimum.

Hiring Our Professionals in Seattle

When you choose a new door, or a replacement garage door in Seattle, we will strive to make sure that you find the perfect fit for your home. Whether you want to customize your faux wood door with extra lighting, ample security, or increased insulation, we’re here to help. Our team of experts will lend a hand answering any questions and going over all the details of different designs on the market. We’ll help you find a brand name you trust with a style that you love.

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