Custom Garage Doors

Garage door installation can be expensive. So, if you are going to invest in a permanent structure for your home, you might as well invest soundly in something that you will truly use and appreciate long term. Many customers make the mistake of buying a generic, run-of-the-mill design without any of the flourish they really want because they are shortsighted, focused on the immediate cost. But when you work with us, you will learn how important and fiscally responsible it is to choose something that lasts long term.

Consider this: If you get a less expensive door, without any security customization, you might save a few hundred dollars now, but you will spend much more than that over the coming years in higher security costs. By the same token, if you get a less expensive door without any windows built in, you might spend more money long term to try and install lighting inside your garage to compensate for the lack of natural light. The same can be said of almost all custom features, including the design, the insulation, the materials, the styles, even the brand. That is why we are here to help you go over all the things you truly need with your next garage door so that you invest in what’s right.

Custom Garage Door Designs

Traditionally, doors are crafted out of wood, but today the market is flooded with many other synthetic options, metal doors, and even fiberglass. For those who are on a budget, materials other than wood make for a much simpler installation and are less expensive. Moreover, because they require less maintenance over time, they save homeowners long term time and money. Consider that a wood door is just that: wood. So, warping can occur after exposure to extreme weather conditions. With time, small issues become expensive ones especially for those who live in areas with severe temperature fluctuations. In such situations, you might speak with one of our team members about a fiberglass options.

If, on the note of weather, you live in an area where there are extremely hot summer months or extremely cold winter months, you should consider which options offer better insulation. Better insulation will benefit you and your family in the face of either extreme. This might not be of critical importance to you if the garage only stores cars, but if you plan to use it for other activities, it will no doubt move to the top of your list. Windows and doors, roll up or panel designs are all options to consider. These are things that you can discuss with a member of our team when the time is right.

Customized Features to Consider

There are plenty of other options for custom garage doors that take into consideration more useful and aesthetic matters. There are many activities that take place in garages today. You could have a woodworking shop in your garage which generates a lot of dust, noise, and requires you to be active inside the garage on weekends. Light, then, becomes a critical component in your customization. You can find plastic window designs that allow natural light to enter into the workspace without compromising your security.

If you play musical instruments and use the garage for these activities, or if your children need a place for their band to practice, then soundproofing becomes an attractive customization. Soundproofing can prevent the neighbors from complaining and keep the peace within the home too, containing all noise to the garage itself.

Security measures are often paramount for families today, especially when it comes to smartphone integration. There are many features that allow you to add a smartphone component to the design of your garage door security system. This goes beyond just improving the security codes; it allows you to receive real time updates whenever someone enters or exits the garage. This keeps your family, your vehicles, and your tools safe. It also gives room to customize garage door security codes so that different members of the family or visitors can have separate codes. Such designs allow parents to keep tabs on the comings and goings of individual children, and to allow guests or friends to enter through the garage periodically after which the guest code can be changed for safety.

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