Seattle Custom Steel Garage Doors

Designing a custom steel garage door means choosing the layers, thickness, and insulation. Steel garage doors of the single layer variety come in one of three thicknesses which are referred to as 24, 25, and 26 gauge. The lower the number, the thicker your metal is going to be. This design is adequate for people in Seattle who want a simple but reliable door that will simply seal off the garage area from the outside and won’t buckle if the weather turns foul.

The two layer garage doors are typically backed with a layer of vinyl to hold the insulation in place. They have better performance when it comes to insulation and energy efficiency. Obviously triple layers will be the best overall because they provide you with 2 inch of thickness for your door.

Double Layer Customization

With a double layer steel door you also get higher insulation which is great for Residential Properties in Seattle particularly if you are going to use the garage as the single biggest entry point into your home. Even if you don’t enter and exit through a garage door understand that if your garage is physically connected to the home, it still acts as an entryway and air will pass in and out. If you don’t have a well-insulated garage the air that passes in and out will compromise how comfortable it is inside your home.

If you have a separated garage which isn’t attached to your house you still want to consider insulation because belongings that are stored in the garage will be over exposed to cold and hot weather cycles. If you leave your car parked overnight for weeks on end, maybe a secondary car that you don’t use very often, and there was no thermal protection, it could cause damage to your car rendering it unusable especially during cold months in Seattle, Washington. Even if you are only storing things like would work inside a detached garage you still want to preserve your expensive tools and supplies by having at least two layers of insulation.

Double layer steel garage doors will not require a lot of maintenance. It is unlikely that the paint will chip or dent at any time so you don’t have to worry about matching the color to try and touch up the areas later. These doors will also never rust which is great. Rust is a serious problem for most metal because once it forms on the surface of a steel product it starts to spread very quickly. But the double layer has a zinc coating which prevents rust from forming at all.

Triple Layer Customization

Triple layer steel garage doors are perfect for homeowners in Seattle who wants a quiet garage door that offers great durability, Energy Efficiency, and thermal Comfort. These are obviously the strongest options you are going to find on the market. They have a durability that will withstand children, cars, weather, and time so if this is your permanent home and you plan to retire here then obviously investing in the best possible door is going to benefit you long-term financially. Even after years of regular use it is not likely that you will need to repaint any of the services or replace any panels.

Even if you have children who play in the front yard and regularly hit the back of the basketball hoop and then hits the door, it won’t matter. Young kids learning to ride a bicycle to crash into the garage door won’t leave a dent. Hitting the garage door with your bumper on accident when you back into the driveway still won’t hurt a triple-layer model.

The triple-layer steel doors have an unsurpassed level of thermal qualities to them. They will close off your Seattle home from downpour, cold temperatures, hot temperatures, intrusion, and vehicle theft. If you live in an area with uncomfortable weather changes and you pay good money to keep your home comfortable, this extra layer of thermal protection will benefit you not only in terms of your comfort but in terms of how much money you spend maintaining certain temperatures inside.

If you plan on using your garage as a work-space, whether you work just on the weekends or all week long, thermal considerations should be a top priority. The same is true if you plan on using your garage as a craft area, for your kids to play, or a rec room. Companies like Clopay use Intellicore, a proprietary polyurethane foam which they inject directly into the door to create a denser level of insulation. This will block out icy cold temperatures and dilute the heat inside your living space.

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