Custom Wood Garage Doors in Las Vegas

Custom wood garage doors can improve the look and value of your Las Vegas home. If you’ve ever walked outside your front door and noticed that you were unimpressed by your current garage door, now is your chance to improve that.

One of the easiest ways to renovate the exterior of your home is to simply replace your garage door. In fact, reports found that replacing a residential garage door is the best improvement with the highest return on investment. In some states it can add 92% of its value to your home. Redoing the garage door you have with something customized and unique can work wonders for the long term value of your homes investment.

Aesthetics For Your Garage Door

No longer are you limited to a metal looking door that is unappealing. Today there are plenty of options and customization features that you can integrate into your home in Las Vegas. With custom wood doors, you can improve not only the safety and security of your home, but the insulation and the curb appeal. Simple Innovations with panel designs and insulation can turn a boring set of options into a fashionable set of options. If you like the French country style or Victorian styles of architecture, a swing outdoor with a wrought iron set of hardware might be the exact finish you need for your new home. If you want a rustic feel, you can invest in a custom wood garage door that has a mirror and stable look to it. There are so many options for access, movement, and insulation with modern doors.

If you have an earth tone home or your home is made of stone, one great way to add a splash of color is to use a custom wood garage door. You can pick Chestnut, Walnut, even Cedar. Grain style doors will provide you with ample space to integrate windows so that the window design on your garage door mimics the window design on the rest of your home.

Consider Your Weather Conditions

Obviously the garage door you choose needs to work well with whatever weather conditions you have. If you live in an area where it snows, you need to be able to keep that snow out of your home and keep the warm inside. Thankfully, colder climates are no longer stuck to one style of door either. Insulation layering technology makes it possible for you to pick a customized wood finish that has the perfect amount of insulation and leaves your garage and home feeling cozy without compromising the exterior quality.

Working With Our Team

If you have any questions about finding your custom wood garage door and you want to better understand how style and safety can impact the design you are choosing, contact our garage door repair team in Las Vegas. We can help you to achieve maximum curb appeal so that you better understand the design before you make your purchase. We will help you to improve the exterior of your home with a brand new door that will quickly pay for itself.

Because you drive your car from the street directly into your driveway, almost all garage doors will face the street. As a result, the focal point of your home is not just the front door or the porch but usually the garage door. Thankfully you can add style to your home by customizing your garage door so that it matches with the characteristics you find most appealing about your home.

When you work with us, you’re getting top-notch installation and repair services. We have worked with hundreds of homeowners throughout multiple cities in the Las Vegas area to help them enhance their curb appeal so that their home becomes a point of pride, and their garage doors become a key part of that pride. You can change the look of your home in Las Vegas with a new, custom design. With a custom garage door we can help you visualize what you want, compare different styles and types, and figure out how much money you are going to save on things like energy cost by investing in a high-quality, well insulated garage door.


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