Damaged Garage Door Track Repair in Las Vegas

Garage door tracks can often become damaged, misaligned or bent. Damaged garage door tracks in Las Vegas can be harmful to your property, you or your loved ones so you will want to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Depending on the cause of the damage, it may be a simple fix or may require more serious repairs. The vertical tracks at the sides of the garage door are most likely to become damaged.

The following situations will render your garage door inoperable, and should be dealt with as soon as possible:

  • Your garage door may become noisy.
  • The doors may not close securely.
  • The doors may not open or close.

A bent track can also dig into and cause damage to the cables or to the door itself. The easiest way to tell if the track is impaired in any way is to observe the track for any obvious signs of damage. Sometimes, however, it is not so easy to see where the track is damaged but it would show up in other components of the garage door mechanism.

If these issues are not detected and you continue to use the garage door this will cause the entire system to weaken and will eventually lead to a breakdown, which can be costly as well as dangerous. For this reason, it is wise to get the professionals, such as United Garage Door Repair of Las Vegas, to check the entire system.

What Causes Damaged Tracks

There are many things that can cause a garage door track to become bent. It is important to be aware of these causes so that you can do a quick assessment yourself to ensure there is no serious damage. We however recommend that you give us a call to check your tracks as well as the other components of your garage door system.

Age and normal wear and tear over time: A garage door opens and closes thousands of times in its lifetime. The tracks would eventually begin to wear down or shift, especially if the type of garage door opener causes the mechanism to vibrate heavily. Eventually, the tracks would become misaligned.

A hard crash or hit: If a car or some other large device crashes into or hits the track, it can bend or break the track or cause it to come out of alignment.

Rust: This is also a common problem with faulty garage door tracks. The door can catch on a patch of built up rust or the rust can simply wear down the material of the tracks. This will cause the track to break or become misaligned.

Broken cable or cable drum: A broken cable would cause a sudden increase in weight on the track and this can cause it to break or become misaligned. It is important then, not just to change the cables, but also to check the tracks to ensure that they are not damaged.

Faulty installation or poor quality material: This would cause the tracks to break easily. If it is improperly installed this can cause damage to other parts of the garage door system, such as the opener or the garage door itself. In order to avoid this, it is always better to have your tracks and other parts of your garage door installed by a trustworthy company such as United Garage Door Repair.

Call Us Today

It is never a good idea to try to determine and fix any problem with your garage door for yourself. Because of the heavy reliance of all the components on each other, one seemingly small issue can lead to several other more serious issues occurring. It is always safer and wiser to call us at United Garage Door Repair in Las Vegas to check your tracks if you detect or suspect they may have a problem. The sooner you contact us, the faster you can get your garage door tracks fixed.

At United, we will give you a thorough and precise assessment of any and all damages, and recommend the most honest and reliable course of action. We also have the right tools and equipment to get your door back up and running in no time. So give us a call. Our courteous and professional staff are standing by to assist you in the Las Vegas area.


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