Garage Door Cable Drums Installation

There are three separate types of cable drums for the three distinct types of overhead garage doors. We’re here to help you determine which ones are best.

Standard Lift Cable Drums

Standard lift cable drums are generally slat with a slight turn and set of grooves along the exterior. This actually keeps your garage door balanced when it starts to open. Standard lift cable drums are available in three separate diameters including: 4″, 5-1/4″ and 8″. Each cable drum corresponds to the cable capacity, so an 8 inch diameter cable drum will have a cable capacity of 32 ft.

Vertical Lift Cable Drums

Vertical lift cable drums are taller compared to the standard design. When your garage door is in the closed position the cable is going to be farther from the shaft if you have this option. You can find vertical lift cable drums in one of three diameters: 8-1/2″, 11″ and 13-1/2″. Just like a standard cable drum there will be a number associated with each that corresponds to the capacity they possess. For example, the 13 and a half inch diameter has a capacity of 28 feet.

High Lift Cable Drums

The cable drums have a flat portion and raised portion, so they’re a combination of the vertical and standard design. They come in five different diameters including: 4″, 5-1/2″, 5-3/4″, 6-3/8″, and 8″. They each have the corresponding capacity listed on them.

We don’t expect you to understand all of the different components that go into a functioning garage door. As specialist in the industry we can help you determine which size and capacity, and which of the three cable drums is best for your situation. We we’ll take a look at your garage door if necessary so that we can figure out all of the pieces that you need to replace. If you’re going to replace the cable drums we might verify whether the other components need to be replaced as well. Obviously if you replace one part out of four main parts and it’s now brand new but the other parts are still outdated, it could reduce the lifespan of everything. In some situations, it might be better for you to replace multiple components at once, not just the cable drums but the cables themselves. Whatever option you decide we’re here to help you. We can give you an estimate over the phone, compare different manufacturers, and help you determine the amount and size of the replacement parts required.

Preventative Maintenance

There are steps you can take to prevent serious damage to your garage door. With limited preventative maintenance and somewhat working knowledge of what the different components are, you can keep your eyes peeled for minor issues before they become major issues. The different components that go into making your garage door work are based on how heavy the door is primarily. The heavier the door, the stronger the springs have to be and the thicker the cable has to be. It is important that you inspect all of the components. Look for kinks or rust. Inspect your pulleys, follow the path of all the different parts. If you see something sticking out that is damaging any of the components, get rid of it. You also want to keep everything clean by removing any debris and making sure all of the pieces that need to be lubricated are properly lubricated.

Call on United Garage Door Repair of Las Vegas

If you noticed your garage door components are broken, it’s best to leave the door alone until a team member can arrive on site and fix the issue. If there is a part that’s broken, and you continue to open and close the garage door it’ll only further break the door and eventually you’ll pay a lot more in repairs than you originally had to pay. No matter the amount of damage you see, always leave it up to a professional in Las Vegas to rectify the problem and avoid any injury.

Regardless of the cause, a broken component is something that you need to rectify immediately. You can call on one of our certified garage door team members in Las Vegas to make the necessary repairs. Call now to set an appointment!


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