Garage Door Cable Repair in Las Vegas

Many things can go wrong with the cables attached to your garage door in Las Vegas. When the cables don’t work as they are supposed to, then your garage door won’t either. The cables work with the garage door springs to move the door up and down smoothly and efficiently. The type of cable used depends on the type of spring system your garage door utilizes.

The torsion spring system uses cables that are attached to the bottom of the door and connected to the torsion springs. These cables have a loop at one end and a crimped stop at the other end. These are called lift cables. If they are not properly connected they can also cause the springs to malfunction.

In the extension spring system, the cables are attached to a bracket at the bottom of the door and then goes through a system of pulleys. There are also safety cables which are located inside the springs. These run along each side of your garage doors. This is known as retaining cables which help prevent the extension springs from flying across your garage.

What Can Go Wrong

Several things can go wrong with your garage door cables.

The cables can become frayed or kinked. Frayed cables may be due to wear and tear over time. Every time the door opens or closes, the cables move through a pulley over an extended period of time. This can cause the cable to eventually become worn down, especially if the garage door is used very often. Frayed or worn cables can also be the result of the cable rubbing against some part of the door mechanism, for example, a raised part of the track.

Cables can also become rusted or corroded. Rust and corrosion may occur due to excessive moisture in the garage or from exposure to the weather. Once the cable becomes rusted it will eventually break and become completely detached or it hang off from the door.

The cables can also come out of alignment as they are wound around the cable drum at the top of the garage door. This would cause the door to droop on one side or become jammed. In some instances, the cables can become unwound and would need to be replaced.

If any other part of the garage door mechanism is faulty, this could cause the cables to come under undue strain, causing them to become damaged, broken or nonfunctional. A common occurrence is the pulley becoming worn out since it is constantly in use moving the cables up and down as the door opens and closes. This would cause problems with the cables and would need to be changed as soon as possible.

What You Can Do

A frayed cable can snap at any time. It is important to do continual maintenance checks on your garage door mechanism. If you are not sure what to look for or need a thorough and reliable check, you can call us at United Garage Door Repair. Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced and will be able to detect anything awry with your garage door mechanism.

A poorly installed or crooked garage door can cause excess amount of moisture in your garage. You should ensure that a professional technician checks your door to determine what needs to be done. Our highly qualified technicians at United Garage Door Repair are more than capable of detecting such issues. They always have quality spare parts available to quickly and safely repair your garage door.

It is never a good idea to continue using your garage door if you notice something is wrong with the cables. These are a very important component in your garage door mechanism. Once they are compromised, this will affect not just the smooth working of your garage door, but can also affect the safety of life and property. Always use a professional to ensure that all is well with your garage door mechanism.

United Garage Door Repair of Las Vegas is always available and will give an honest and reliable assessment of any issues or problems detected. We are also able to quickly and efficiently repair or install any and all necessary parts, including a new garage door if that is needed.


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