Garage Door Cable Parts in Las Vegas

Have you ever tried to lift your garage door when the springs are broken? If so, you know it’s not easy. Your garage door is something that you go into and out of multiple times per day and for that reason it’s important that it rolls up and down properly at all times.

The functionality of a garage door is a rather complicated set of machinery that has many working parts and the minute one part stop working it can force everything else to take on an extra burden which eventually damages everything. If the cables are not working properly given the amount of tension they’re under, it could cause serious damage to your property or injury to you. For that reason, it’s imperative that you get things fixed as soon as problems arise.

Finding Garage Door Cables

There are many different types of garage door cables depending on the spring system that you have. Obviously those who have torsion springs for their garage require torsion spring cables with a crimped stop at one end and a loop at the other. Cables have to be specifically wound and secured in such a way that they’ll not break. Our team of professionals in Las Vegas can help you to determine which garage door cables you need and complete the installation or repairs. Some garages will have extension springs found on either side of the door which require extension spring cables. You might also need safety cables to use in conjunction with your extension springs. The safety cables prevent damage or injuries on the off chance that the spring ends up snapping.

Your garage door cables are comprised of metal and they’re meant to be very strong. however, they have to be flexible so that they can be pulled and lowered through the pulley system regularly, wound and unwound around every time. As such, just because they’re strong doesn’t mean they can’t break. Faulty or broken cables will result in your garage door not functioning properly. The worst case scenario is that one of the springs snaps and the cable, not being in place, could fling the broken spring and seriously hurt someone. For that reason and many more when you see something wrong with your garage door cables it’s best to call a professional in Las Vegas to help you rectify the situation immediately.

What Can Go Wrong?

There are a couple of things that can go wrong with garage door cables. The cable could become improperly wound around the drum and get jammed which will cause your door to catch when it starts to go down. It will droop to one side or the other. If the cable becomes unwound entirely, it’ll have to be reconnected and you’ll notice the door gets stuck and won’t move. On occasions, your garage door cables can break simply because of age. If this happens you might notice that there was rust corroding the cable and you just didn’t catch it before the rust ate through the cable. It might have frayed with time, something you didn’t catch soon enough.

Let United Garage Door Repair of Las Vegas Help!

There are many different styles of cables offered for garage doors. Whether you have a standard size door, or you need something custom-made, there are plenty of options on the market today. If you need a custom length cable assembly, you can find manufacturers to produce the crimp cable stuff on the other end to make sure that the cable sits evenly inside of your cable drum.

The amount of cable that you require is going to be based on the type of door you have. If you have a vertical door or a high lift garage door, you’re going to need a longer cable compared to a standard lift door simply because of the position of the cable drum. With a standard lift garage door key, the cable length should be the same height as the door plus an additional 18 in. You can of course choose a different diameter for the cable including f 3/32″, 1/8″, 5/32″, 3/16″, and 1/4″ diameters. There are pre-assembled cables available for spring garage doors perfect for high doors that are seven or eight ft tall.

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