Garage Door Drum Replacement in Las Vegas

The garage door drum is an essential part of the entire mechanism of your garage door. The drum is located at either end of the torsion spring shaft and when the door opens, the cables that lift the door are wound around the drums. The cables do the heavy lifting of the garage door. They hold much of the pressure and help to keep the door balanced. These drums operate under a high level of tension and stress and should therefore be replaced as soon as anything goes wrong, to avoid potential harm and added cost.

When Should Drums Be Replaced

Drums should be replaced if there are any detectable signs of wear or damage. A damaged drum can cause the cable to wind incorrectly around the drum or to become unwound. It can also cause too much tension on the cables or even on the springs, which can cause them to eventually break. This would cause the garage door to droop to one side, to move slowly or not move at all. In some instances, if the drum is damaged it may cause the cable to snap and this could send the door falling fast to the ground. If this were to happen when someone or something was under the door it can cause serious harm or injury.

If the garage door starts making strange noises, or the door has begun to shake while in motion, this can be an indication that the garage door drums are damaged or may need some adjustment. The garage door drums must be in good working condition to provide proper balance to the door. If a thorough professional check is not done as soon as it is detected then this could cause the door to be damaged beyond repair.

If the cable continually comes off the drum or doesn’t work as it is supposed to, the problem may be an incorrectly sized drum. Drums should be chosen based on the height of the door. If this was not properly determined at the time of installation this can cause serious problems. To ensure that this is properly rectified you can contact one of the competent professionals at United Garage Door Repair in Las Vegas.

The garage door drums can become filled with dirt and grime which can build up over time. There may even be rust if water constantly gets into the drums. If the drums don’t work properly, the cables will also malfunction. If these issues are not dealt with in a timely manner it can cause serious damage to the whole system and present safety issues.

Types of Drums

There are three types of garage door cable drums, which depends on the type of garage door in use.

Standard Lift Cable Drums

These cable drums are flat and are found in most residential homes in Las Vegas. As the garage door opens the cable spools evenly on the drum, toward the outside of the door. However, the groove on the drum is raised slightly higher than the other grooves so that the last turn causes the cable to rest at a higher elevation. This helps to balance the garage door.

Vertical Lift Cable Drums

These drums are shaped like a cone. This shape helps to keep the cable further away from the shaft when the door is closed. When the door opens the cone-shape causes the cable to move closer to the shaft. This type of cable drum is used where the door is stored vertically against the wall and is usually used in warehouses.

High Lift Cable Drums

These drums combine the flat part of a standard lift drum and the raised part of the vertical lift drum. This is because the door opens vertically part of the way when the cable runs on the raised part. It then opens horizontally where the cable runs on the flat part of the drum.

United Garage Door Repair of Las Vegas Can Help

Whatever your specific needs, United Garage Door Repair of Las Vegas will let you know what type of drum would work best and what size you would need. We will ensure that your garage door drum will be replaced easily and quickly and get your garage door working perfectly once again.


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