Garage Door Insulation Service in Las Vegas

During the winter months in Las Vegas, it is usual to experience somewhat colder temperatures in your garage than in other parts of the house. This is especially problematic if the garage is attached or if there is a living space above the garage as this area also tends to maintain a lower temperature. If you also use your garage as a work space, for working out or for some other form of activity this becomes a major issue. In order to ensure that your garage is kept warmer you would need to insulate your garage door in Las Vegas.

The level of insulation you install will depend on your particular needs. Some homeowners prefer a stronger level of insulation, while others may not need a lot. The strength of garage door insulation is given, what is called, an R-value rating. The greater the R-value rating the greater the strength of the insulation, meaning less warm or cold air passes through the door.

Advantages of Garage Door Insulation in Las Vegas

Garage door insulation helps to create a buffer zone between the air outside and the air inside your home. When you have garage door insulation the colder air outside is kept out and the warmer air inside is kept in. With this reduced heat loss, you can enjoy doing more things in your garage. This also means that you would lose less conditioned air through the door between the garage and your living space. This in turn will help to reduce your energy costs.

Conversely, during the warmer months, or in warmer climates, having garage door insulation will mean that the cool air-conditioned air is kept in, and the hotter air is kept out of the garage space. This works the same way, ensuring that this buffer zone helps to control the passage of air from outside to inside. And in so doing, you once again reduce your energy costs.

An added advantage of garage door insulation in Las Vegas is that it makes your garage door operate more quietly. An insulated garage door will help to absorb any vibrations the door would normally make as it opens and closes. Insulation will also absorb noises coming from outside, so that they are not as intrusive to you when you are in your garage. It would also help to reduce any noise coming from your garage so that it is not as loud for your neighbors.

With insulation installed in your garage door, since there is less cold air entering, it creates an improved environment for storage. Items that would have normally gotten moldy and smelly in the cold damp air, can now be safely stored. Your car would also fare better in this improved environment since colder temperatures tend to adversely affect car batteries and engines.

Types of Insulation

One type of garage door insulation is Batt insulation. This is usually made of fiberglass and is the least costly way to insulate your garage door. This type of insulation comes either in rolls or in pre-cut panels. It is considered a very effective choice for your garage door insulation.

Another type of insulation is the Foam Board insulation. This consists of rigid foam panels usually made of polystyrene. Foam board insulation is available in varying thickness. While the R-rating depends on the thickness, this type of insulation has a high value even with relatively small levels of thickness. The Foam Board is usually faced with aluminum or vinyl. An alternative to the rigid foam panel is Spray Foam. This is a good choice because it creates air tight insulation and has a high R-value rating.

The third most commonly used type of insulation is the Reflective Foil. This is formed from a layer of aluminum foil over polyethylene bubbles or polyethylene foam. This type of insulation works best in hot climates as it does a good job of reflecting heat away from the inside of the garage.

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