Garage Door Lubricant Service

If you hear screeching, banging, groaning and moaning from your garage door, it’s time to lubricate your system. Garage door lubricant is a very specific type of lubricant and it is best that you use this option rather than trying to cut corners by using something generic.

Many homeowners choose to simply live with the noise a garage door makes because they don’t realize that they have alternatives. In fact, when your garage door starts to make noise, it means that the components are not properly lubricated, and they desperately need it.

Keeping Your Garage Door Healthy

The noises your garage door makes are secondary to the real issue at hand. The noise is just a way of alerting you to the fact that several of the parts that comprise your garage door system need constant lubrication. The hinges, the tracks, the springs, even the rollers all need attention every few months in order for your garage door to function smoothly. If you don’t properly lubricate your garage door, it starts to make noise to alert you that there’s something wrong. The lubrication process you need is going to be based upon the configuration of your door.

The Process

Whether you do it yourself or you call on our professionals in Las Vegas, the steps you follow or we follow are going to be the same. When we show up on site, we’ll always start by cleaning the tracks. The tracks need to be clean with a rag to remove any buildup that is preventing the components from sliding. They shouldn’t be lubricated until you clean them. After that, we’ll move on to the springs. The springs should be sprayed down on a regular basis because lubricant keeps them moving day in and day out. Next, we tackle the hinges. The hinges are important as are there pivot points. Plastic pivot points don’t need lubrication, but everything else such as steel will. After that, we move on to the rollers. Rollers that make contact with the track need lubrication around the bearings. You don’t want to get any lubrication on the nylon wheels. If your rollers are all metal you won’t have to be as precise when applying the lubricant, but you’ll want to remove any excess so that nothing drips down onto your garage floor. Finally, give any locks that are difficult to open a good shot of lubricant as well because they can help free up keys that are sticking.

Once everything is complete, you want to open and close the door several times so that the newly applied lubricant has a chance to move around. If there is noise still coming from your garage door, follow it and add more lubricant to the area in question.

Choosing Your Lubricant

There is always going to be debate about what type of lubricants are best. Whatever you do, avoid WD-40. Many homeowners think they can just use this to fix everything but using WD-40 on your garage door not going to help it move better. It’s not a true lubrication so it doesn’t actually do what you think it does. It has properties that destroy rust and remove grease, but that’s not the same as providing. Many people mistake the success of WD-40 simply because the removal of grease and rust cleans the components. The components might function slightly better, but that’s just because they were in desperate need of a good cleaning, but they still need lubrication. What you should opt for is a white lithium or silicone spray product. If you need to inject the lubricant into very small parts, aerosol spray is best because it won’t attract things like dust. If you use the right lubricant you’ll find that all of your garage door components start functioning much better.

Let Us Help!

If you need help, we’re here to lend a hand. Give us a call when you’re ready to pick out the right lubricant for your garage door and make sure everything is greased properly. Reach out to our team in Las Vegas today!


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