Garage Door Opener Repair in Las Vegas

Garage door openers consist of different parts. However, the basic components are the motor and the trolley, which is the actual lifting mechanism. The trolley is the part that connects to the door and this is what is activated to open and close your garage door.

The difference between the various types of garage door openers is what drives the trolley when it is activated. There are four common types of openers: the chain drive, the belt drive, the screw drive and the direct drive.

Chain Drive

The chain drive door opener uses a chain similar to a thick bicycle chain. It is this chain that drives the trolley. While this type of garage door opener in Seattle is least costly, it is the noisiest. This may be best for persons with a detached garage, rather than those with a living space above the garage. This type of garage door opener requires periodic maintenance.

Belt Drive

This type of garage door opener in Las Vegas uses a belt to drive the trolley. The trolley moves over a belt when activated, and slides along the belt as the door opens and closes. This type of opener is much quieter than the chain drive opener, as the belt is smoother, and causes less vibrations. It requires some maintenance.

Screw Drive

The screw drive garage door opener uses a threaded steel rod. As the the rod turns, the threading causes the trolley to move in the appropriate direction. With fewer moving parts in this type of garage door opener, the screw drive opener is the most powerful. Since it is more reliable and requires minimal maintenance, it is the preferred choice for for wider and heavier doors.

Direct Drive

The direct drive garage door opener is the simplest of them all because the motor itself is what does the work. The motor travels along a stationary chain, with an extremely quiet operation when opening and closing the garage door. As this type of opener has less moving parts it requires minimal maintenance.

When Your Garage Door Opener Needs Repairs

When we don’t pay attention to the warning signs, we can end up with unnecessary expenses and frustration. The following indicators will let you know that it’s time to repair your garage door opener:

  • Your garage door refuses to open
  • Your garage door only works sometimes
  • Your garage door is moving slower than before
  • Your garage door or the motor begins to make excessive amounts of noise. This is most likely due to a damaged opener. Motors also tend to become noisier as they become worn out near the end of its life.
  • Your garage door is closing but then it suddenly reverses. Once it has been determined that this is not caused by a malfunction in the safety sensors at the bottom of the door, then it may be time to have the opener repaired.

Most garage door openers are equipped with an adjustment screw that controls how fast the door moves. If the adjustment is off, then this could cause the door to reverse. There may also be other damaged components in the garage door system that is causing this malfunctioning.

In extreme cases the door may fall to the ground. If there are no obvious signs of other broken components, and you have checked the batteries on the remote or the wall unit, give us a call. At United Garage Door Repair, we have trained technicians who will determine the exact cause and fix it for you. We do not recommend that you attempt to fix it yourself. We have the right tools and the expertise to ensure you get back on track.

Call Us For Fast and Efficient Service

A broken garage door opener can cause your garage door to fall suddenly, damaging property or people. It can also mean that your door will be stuck in the open or closed position creating safety concerns or inconvenience. Regardless of the nature of the problem, once your garage door opener begins to give problems however small, get it checked right away. You can call us at United Garage Door Repair in Las Vegas at any time and we will get your garage door opener repaired quickly and efficiently.


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