Garage Door Panel Replacement

One of the greatest attributes of your garage door in Las Vegas, after safety and security of course, is its aesthetic value. We know that you are not only concerned with the functionality of your garage door, but you want it to add to the beauty of your home in Las Vegas. When a garage door panel gets damaged this can take away from the curb appeal, and can be a grave problem especially if you are concerned about your property value.

Beside the curb appeal, a damaged garage door panel may also cause a disruption in the smooth working of the entire garage door system. As the door rolls up and over into the garage, it is likely to give some trouble depending on the extent of the damage. You may be tempted to think that because the door is still working you do not need to bother about the damaged panel. But this interruption in movement may be causing added exertion on the other parts of the garage door mechanism, such as the motor. If this continues it will eventually cause the motor and other parts to go bad, and increase your costs.

If you detect even the slightest disruption to the smooth working of your garage door, it is always a good idea to have the entire system checked by professionals in Las Vegas. We at United Garage Door Repair, would be happy to come and check your entire garage door system and give you an honest assessment.

What Causes Garage Door Panels to Get Damaged?

Sometimes damage is caused simply by age. There are times when the door itself may still be strong and sturdy, but the panel may have suffered many digs, dings or even holes over time, causing them to look decrepit. Your panels also suffer weather damage over time, causing them to look beaten and old, or if rain constantly splashes onto your garage door this could cause the panel to become rusted.

If it is only one or two panels that have suffered in this way, then it may be more cost effective to have those panels replaced, rather than replacing the entire door. Where the damage is more cosmetic such as these issues, it is less likely that the structural integrity of the door has suffered any damage and so it would be an easy decision to simply replace the panels.

If, however, the garage door has suffered a hard blow, other parts of the mechanism should be checked to be sure they have not been adversely affected. In cases of a car crash, the door itself may have become weakened and you may want to replace the door itself to avoid any future safety hazards. If the blow was not very severe, you may only need to change just the affected panel or panels.

Finding the Right Replacement

Once it has been determined that the structural integrity of your door remains intact, then a panel replacement may be all that’s needed. While replacing your garage door panel sounds like a quick fix, think about the following points first:

  • Check to see if the current panel for your door is available. This can be especially problematic if you have an older door, since the panel may no longer be manufactured. You may have to do full replacement of the door if your existing design is outdated.
  • Take note of the pricing of the new panels to ensure that it would not be the same as replacing the entire door. In such a case it may be better to change the door so that you can take advantage of advances in technology and safety features.
  • Check and make sure that replacement of the panel is the best option, rather than replacing the entire door. While replacing the entire garage door might seem costly in the short term, not doing so may prove to be even more costly in the long term.

At United Garage Door Repair of Las Vegas, we will give your garage door a thorough check and provide you with an honest and comprehensive assessment. Our technicians are experienced and qualified, and our prices are highly competitive. When you call us, you will get the best service in Las Vegas at the best prices.


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