Garage Door Rollers Installation

Out of the many components that comprise a garage door system, you’ll have the most flexibility when it comes to picking out your garage door rollers.

Different Types of Rollers

In most cases the best garage door roller is a super quiet nylon design. These are standard rollers that are meant to reduce the amount of stress on an automatic opener and alleviate a great deal of noise. These are the most common designs and they don’t require lubrication on the wheel itself which saves you money and effort long-term.

In many homes, garage doors struggle to open and closed because of a complete lack of maintenance. Very few homeowners regularly apply things like lubrication to the components even though they should. That is why there are different designs for garage door rollers meant to minimize the amount of maintenance required.

Plastic rollers without any ball bearings or even simpler to maintain because there is literally not a single component in the rollers which have to be lubricated. This style of roller is actually standard with any new garage door. The roller is made out of plastic and the stem doesn’t have a single ball bearing. These tend to work for 2 to 3 years before you have to replace them. They are low cost, but they do have a lower life span so if you wanted something long-term, nylon would be better. You can also use steel rollers with ball bearings. Steel rollers are a great upgrade from standard plastic designs and they can be lubricated and should last for 5 years at least. They’re not as quiet or smooth as nylon but they can handle up to 35 pounds per roll making them better suited for heavier doors like wood. Different designs with extra ball bearings provide quieter rolls with reduced friction and can hold up to 75 lb. which is obviously much better for heavier doors.

Picking the Right Option

There are many different options not just in terms of the material used but the type and size of ball bearings associated with the rollers. This can get rather complicated depending on the size of the door you have and the style. For that reason, our team of professionals in Las Vegas is here to lend a helping hand in showing you which options are best suited for your particular needs. We don’t expect you to have intimate knowledge of the different components that make up your garage door system and we’re here to help.

When to Replace Roller

It is a good rule of thumb that you should replace the rollers when you replace the springs. The rollers will get louder as their life cycle continues and will start to feel a little crunchy if you try to open and close the door manually. These signs are indicative of the need for a replacement. If you start to hear a clicking sound its time to get new rollers. If you don’t replace them in a timely fashion they can cause other problems with more component which will end up costing you a lot. Bear in mind that when you replace them you will probably have to purchase 10. That is how many rollers come in a standard package for standard garage doors that are 7 feet high. If your garage door is 8 feet high you will need 12. If you have a wooden garage door with five sections rather than four sections you will also need 12 rollers even if the garage door is only 7 ft tall.

When you replace things like springs and rollers, take advantage of the opportunity and replace your rollers with an upgraded version if you can. By continually upgrading you can take advantage of the newest developments on the market and extend the life span of the next set of replacements you choose. When you’re ready, let us help you.

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