Glass Garage Doors Las Vegas

There are many materials from which to choose when you are replacing or repairing your garage door in Las Vegas. If you want to make changes to your existing garage, consider glass.

When to Use Glass

Glass material is very diverse in its application. Homeowners considering glass for their garage doors can apply it in one of two ways.

The first is to add glass components to an existing or a new garage door, typically in the form of Windows. The number of Windows you have, the shape, the size, is all contingent upon the design you have chosen. Window designs can be created to allow or limit as much natural light as you want. Moreover, homeowners have control over the tent or color of the glass. Glass windows can be tinted with different colors that not only match the exterior of your home but help to provide a little bit of extra privacy in those situations where the garage is going to be regularly.

The second is to create a garage door entirely out of glass. These situations are typically reserved for garages that do not face the street. Obviously making a garage door out of glass, even if there is a colored tint to provide extra privacy is not going to be safe for a facility that faces the road. If your garage faces your property or looks out along a tree line, perhaps in a secluded area, having a glass garage door can provide you with a lot of natural light and warmth. For people who might use their garage in these instances as a paint studio, a woodworking shop, or even a yoga studio, having glass as the garage door material and provide natural warmth, light, and capitalize upon an existing view. Homes that are located such that the garage faces over a beach cliff, into a forest, or alongside a lake will benefit tremendously from having a workable, usable, and comfortable garage space where people can relax and still enjoy the view.

Glass Considerations

When you are choosing a new material you have to make a continual trade-off between functionality & aesthetics. When you choose glass material for your garage door or for highlighting aspects of a garage door, it can add a great deal of beautiful detail which might be something you’re interested in if you’re trying to increase the curb appeal of your Las Vegas home. Glass style doors can also be coordinated with the existing doors you have on your home exterior, not only in style but in color and design so that you have a look that is comprehensive and blends perfectly. Including small glass windows along the top of the garage door allows natural light into the area which is great for people who want to otherwise add light to a dark and gloomy space.

But you have to consider the cost. Adding glass to an existing door is going to be expensive, upwards of $200 all the way to $500, depending on how much last you are adding to the door. Obviously choosing to create an entire door out of glass is going to be much more expensive. Another consideration is home security. Even if you don’t have an entire door made of glass but you are only adding the glass windows to a wooden door you still have to consider that regular glass makes it easier for potential criminals to look inside your garage and see what things you might have stored. For this reason many people choose to add some sort of tint or color so that people can’t see in as easily but natural light can still get inside.

Once you introduce glass you have to take into consideration energy efficiency. If you have an insulated door, adding glass can be done with or without extra insulation built into the glass. This is simply going to be a cost issue for many people. It is also going to take longer to produce a garage door that is either made entirely of glass or made with glass components so you won’t want this option if you are on a tight deadline. And of course remember that is there are repairs it’s going to take a little bit longer because you will have to replace the entire glass pane if something like a baseball goes flying through the window.

We Can Help

If you have questions about glass materials or any other materials that you might use for your new garage door in Las Vegas, let us know. Our team of professional experts can answer any questions you have, explain the pros and cons to different materials, and help you make an informed decision for your Las Vegas home.


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