Glass Garage Doors in Las Vegas

Glass garage doors are one of the more unique styles of garage doors in Las Vegas. In fact, most people consider glass windows but not glass doors. It is important to note that these doors typically have functions that extend beyond the traditional front door you open to get your car in and out. Glass garage doors are often used by homeowners to open up their living space and employ a more creative interior design. Garages can easily be converted into living spaces and otherwise used for activities that require a more creative door design. With glass doors, you allow natural light into an otherwise naturally dark space. This creates better visibility and produces an artistic, aesthetic space perfect for those homeowners who want their garages to function as a paint studio, woodworking shop, craft area, or family room.

Location and Purpose

Before you head out and start buying, consider the location of your garage. A glass door simply may be impractical. Privacy is the first consideration. Obviously if you use the garage to store valuables you do not want to remove the privacy that any other material has to offer, leaving all of your contents readily visible to the street. If you want a glass door, it is best to have an alternative location for your personal storage, even if the glass is an opaque design. If, on the other hand, your garage in Las Vegas is set somewhere on the back of your property or attached to your home but facing your property rather than the street, you might benefit greatly from the glass option. Garages facing private property where the property is lined with trees or shrubs might not otherwise enjoy a lot of light, but a glass door can allow all the natural light outside to filter right in. Bear in mind that glass doors are still subject to inclement weather and wear, so you want to carefully consider what purpose you want the door to serve.

Insulation and Natural Light

Glass doors will be well insulated to aid you with climate control, which is especially important if this space is going to be used regularly and allow so much natural light to filter inside. It is important that you consider the weather where you live and whether steel or wood designs might be better at insulation. Glass doors are, essentially, large windows so they can certainly allow a lot of heat to escape and cold to get in. The natural light that you get from the visually open space is of course ideal for a living space, studio like a yoga studio or paint studio, or a workspace. Still, consider whether it will be too hot or too cold where you are if your garage is a giant window. You might simply need to budget an indoor heater or A/C unit.

You can, of course, choose the level of opaqueness with your glass, to better regulate the amount of visibility outside and inside. Just because it is made of glass does not mean the door will be completely translucent.

Enlivening Your Space

With glass garage doors there are many things you can do to alter the space itself. Styles, shapes, and colors can all play an important role in the function and appearance of the door. It is obviously best to consider the colors that best work with your exterior, which will vary based on where the garage is located and what purpose it serves. You can choose a frosted design, clear color, or smoked shade to change the opaqueness, changing the amount of privacy to natural light you have. You can also choose a bronze coating, gray color, or pebbled tint with a bit more texture to it. If you want colors, there are colored hues including a dark and light blue or green, bronze, or gray each of which can be purchased in an opaque or clear color.

If you have any questions about the designs you can choose, the colors, or the insulation, it is best to speak with a professional in Las Vegas who can lend a hand. We are here to help you make the right decision for your home by choosing the best material for your garage.


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