Get Help Installing Your Rollup Garage Door in Seattle

When it comes to garage door installation in Seattle, you have a lot of options for customized designs and installation. One such option is rollup doors. What are rollup garage doors? Rollup garage doors are a great option for residential homes in Seattle. They can be made of metal or synthetics and do not require the same room as other types of garage doors. There are, however, risks of your rollup garage doors getting jammed or having other issues such as sagging.

Fixing many of these problems can be done on your own without having to call a professional or replace the entire rollup garage doors. Any rollup garage doors move on metal tracks or large springs. The tracks are located on the inside of the garage. These tracks are held together with mounting brackets. Sometimes, these brackets loosen which can be repaired easily by tightening them. The tracks might get dented, crimped, or have a flat spot which can be repaired by hammering out the spot until it is back to normal.

How Are They installed?

The tracks for rollup garage doors should always be aligned either horizontally or vertically, depending on the section. The vertical sections should be plumb while the horizontal sections should slant slightly downward. If these tracks are not aligned properly on your rollup garage doors, then the bolts can be loosened so that you can move the tracks until they are re-aligned after which point you can tighten the bolts again, leaving the tracks repaired. These tracks might not work as well if they are dirty, or if debris gets caught inside of them.

If your garage functions as your workspace and you are sawing wood for a household project inside the garage, small pieces of debris could fly into the tracks. This is especially possible if the garage door is open at the time of the projects or repairs and the wind outside is blowing near the entrance. To ensure that this does not happen, clean the tracks with a household cleaner and cloth. Make sure to remove any dirt or other debris caught there, as well as grease which has hardened. Once you are done, dry the tracks and apply a lubricant to ease the friction.

Keeping Things in Place

The rollup garage doors also have hinges which hold the door in place. These hinges can loosen just as the bolts on the tracks can loosen. This is another simple fix which only requires tightening. The last part of a rollup garage door is the springs. These springs are responsible, alongside the spring cable, for moving the door. There is a pulley system which moves the door and can be tightened if there are two on either side by simply pulling the cable through the plate and making a knot at the end.

By familiarizing yourself with each of these aspects and how they make the doors work, making the repairs will not seem as terrifying. The work and inspection for these issues should be done from the inside of the garage with the garage door closed. If there are major dents or problems with a section of the door itself, that can easily be replaced without having to replace the entire garage door.

Hiring a Professional Garage Door Company in Seattle

Obviously there are many things that can negatively influence not only how your doors function after installation, like how effectively they are installed in the first place. With so many possibilities and room for error, hiring a professional garage door company in Seattle to handle your garage door installation is the safest and simplest bet.

When you hire one of our expert team members you’ll get top notch advice, high quality components, alongside fast and effective services. If you have questions along the way, we can answer them. If you need help deciding, our experts will give you all the information you need to make an educated decision.

When you hire one of our high end professionals to get the job done, rest assured that we will arrive on site with the newest tools, most advanced techniques and knowledge in the field so that your garage doors function for as long as possible. Contact us today to learn more about all of the services we offer in Seattle, including customization for your garage door installation.

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