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We all want the best parts for our home and we also want to find a trustworthy manufacturer or garage door dealer to who know what they’re doing. If you too are concerned with this, we are pleased to inform you and show you if you will, our Northwest garage doors collection. With more than 50 years of tradition, Northwest is undoubtedly one of the leaders when it comes to garage doors. If you want to see the collection we offer, call us and let’s discuss the best garage door for you.

A Trusted Brand since 1946

Northwest garage doors family-owned company has been established in 1946 and makes the best commercial and residential garage doors ever since. With such a long history and tradition, we don’t need to tell you a lot about the quality of their garage door. What started as a small neighborhood garage door company became one of the leaders in the industry. Their products are now available across the country through a network of dealers.

Northwest manufactures a wide range of commercial and residential garage doors made from a variety of materials such as steel, aluminum, and wood. The company takes pride in offering an extremely wide range of different styles, models, and sizes of garage doors, and they also produce customized garage doors for those with a specific architectural taste. You can choose one of the following residential garage doors:

  • Modern Classic Garage Door
  • Modern Tech Garage Door
  • Infinity Classic Garage Door
  • Terma Elite Garage Door
  • Terma Classic Garage Door
  • Tri-Tech Garage Door
  • Therma Max Garage Door
  • Therma Tech Garage Door
  • Therma Tech II Garage Door
  • Heritage Classic C-Series Garage Door
  • Heritage Classic E-Series Garage Door
  • 500 Series Garage Door
  • Wood Panel Garage Door
  • Builder Collection Garage Door
  • Township Garage Door

Northwest also offers a variety of commercial garage doors such as:

  • 800 Series Garage Door
  • 900 Series Garage Door
  • Therma Series Garage Door

Whether you want a more traditional garage door or better yet prefer a contemporary design, we have got you covered. United Garage Door Repair offers a selection of Northwest garage doors and we offer complete service so as to ensure the durability of your doors. We will also provide useful tips on different options and maintenance at no additional cost to you.

Need a new garage door? Say no more! Call us and let us help you with your choice and install a new garage door for you.


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