Purple Garage Doors in Las Vegas

Color is one of the more important aspects to new garage doors. Your door is going to take up a considerable amount of the exterior for your home and is typically something that most people see when they pass by your home given that garage doors in Las Vegas tend to face the street. For that reason the color that you choose can make your home look more attractive or it can detract from the look you have going for you. There’s important that you boost your curb appeal rather than take away from it when choosing the color for your garage door.

How to Choose The Right Color

When you are picking out a new color for your garage door in Las Vegas there are two things you want to consider. The first is whether you want your door to blend into the existing features you have on the facade or whether you want that garage door to stand out. The second is whether the color needs to be the same as your home or whether it should be an accent color. The color you choose for your garage door can either compliments the color scheme or match it. You certainly want to make sure that it doesn’t stand out in a bad way.

Highlighting or Hiding

The color that you select will determine whether your garage door in Las Vegas will blend in beautifully or grab the attention of people driving by. There are plenty of reasons why you would want either. If you want to draw people’s attention to another part of your home, perhaps a beautiful garden that you have or a newly designed entrance area rather than the garage door, you might want to hide it by choosing a color that blends in with the surrounding. You might also choose to hide the garage door with a color that blends beautifully because you already have a lot going on in terms of the color for the shutters or the trim, and you don’t want people to be overwhelmed visually. If you want your home to look larger you might want to paint the garage door the same color as the walls on the exterior of your home so that it visually expands your property. And of course you might also simply want to avoid people looking at the older or outdated door that you are trying to revive with a coat of paint.

You can also choose to highlight the garage door specifically picking a color that makes the door pop. Bright, fun colors could help you to compliment your home in the most effective way. It is important to pay attention to the color of your house and try to implement a bit of color theory.

Color Theory

Yellow and purple are complementary which is why many people with beautiful yellow homes or a lot of bright person yellow decor around the exterior want to compliment that with a purple garage door. Choosing a complementary color is the boldest idea you can do. Having a yellow house with a bright purple garage door standing out against it create a great statement. You can also choose a High Contrast Design for your brick house. Select a color that compliments the brick you have using the color wheel. If you have a yellow brick house a lavender colored door will compliment your exterior very well.

Typically speaking your front door is going to be the attention grabber for the exterior of the home so don’t choose a garage door color that is exactly the same color as your front door. You want to pick a color that is different especially if the front door is already a bold or bright color. You should however, take into consideration the colors and schemes used in your neighborhood. Walk around for a bit to see what others have done, and maybe you can find inspiration in knowing that many other homeowners were brave enough to do bold purple hues too.

We Can Help!

Whatever color you want, let us know. We can help. We are here to answer any questions you might have about paint colors for your garage door in Las Vegas. If you need help choosing a manufacturer, prepping your door, or anything else, let us know.


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