Red Garage Doors in Las Vegas

Complementary colors are those which stand opposite one another when you look at the color wheel. Red and green for example are complementary colors so if you have a great deal of greenery around your home or perhaps a green color on the exterior trim or walls you can compliment that by choosing a bright red color.

Analogous Colors are the ones right next to one another. This means a color scheme of red and red violet. Choosing a red violet color for your garage door when the home exterior color is a simple red is a wonderful way of staying within the same single color scheme but still choosing a different shade.

Monochromatic colors fall under the same hue. If you were to add a bit of white to a red paint it would give you a slightly pink or color. These two colors would fall under the same hue but be monochromatic. By the same token if you added a bit of gray to your red paint it would give you a slightly darker pink. So, if you happen to still have the paint you use on the exterior of your Las Vegas home and you want to choose something monochromatic you can always mix a bit of white or black to the existing paint color to make it slightly darker or brighter than what you have and then the garage door.

Painting Your Garage Door

Whether you complete the steps yourself or you hire professionals to do it for you getting the door painted requires the same steps. First you add a coat of primer around any recessed areas using a brush. Then you prime the rectangular panel and wipe away any primer that gets into areas where it doesn’t belong. Once you are done with that you add primer to the remaining panels and cover the perimeter of the door. It is best that you paint a band roughly 3 inches thick around the sides, bottom, and top of the door. You should always start from the top corner and work your way around. Roller brushes and paint trays should be used to apply the primer to the rest of the area. Primer needs to dry for a minimum of 12 hours which is why it is best that you do this one day and then let it dry overnight before tackling the remainder of the project.

After the primer has dried you simply repeat the same process but with the paint color you want to use. You start by painting any recessed areas around the panels, followed by the panels themselves, followed by a border along the edge of the door, and then use a paint roller to cover the remainder of the door. This paint will also need to dry overnight, 12 hours minimum. If you need to add a second or third coat of paint, depending on the type of paint you are using, you will have to repeat this process after the door has had ample time to dry. So naturally if you have a door that requires multiple layers of paint in order to achieve the optimal color, you will need to set aside adequate time to get the job done.

Bear in mind if your garage door is flat without any paneling you can skip many of these steps and just use a paint roller to apply the paint the same way you would to a wall inside your house. If you want to make the project go even faster you can also consider spray painting the door but this is something that probably requires professional expertise otherwise you will end up with an uneven coat. Always make sure that paint brushes and rollers are new and clean without any debris in them. If you are working in a windy area you want to be cognizant of where you have your paint tray setup so that trees don’t blow debris into the paint tray and subsequently get paint stuck to your door.

Let Us Help!

When you are ready to give your garage door in Las Vegas a face-lift, let us know. Our team of professionals can help you choose the perfect shade of paint and decide the amount necessary given the size of your door. If you need help picking out tools or figuring out the steps required for priming your door, let us know. We can answer any questions you have.


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