Fix Broken Garage Door Rollers in Las Vegas

Your garage door cannot operate smoothly and effortlessly without rollers. The rollers connect the garage door to the tracks. As the door moves, the rollers slide the door along the track. In order for the door to move properly the rollers must be correctly aligned and lubricated. There are several signs that will tell if your garage door rollers are worn or are broken.

Obvious signs that the garage door rollers are not working properly are:

  • Your garage door will become very noisy when in operation and the door may even come off the track.
  • The rollers are visibly broken or damaged. This is more common with plastic and nylon rollers but is possible with other types as well.

Also, if there are any issues with the track, this would cause the rollers to malfunction and become dislodged from the track. Such issues would include a bent or damaged track, tracks that have become loose from the wall, or tracks that have accumulated dirt and grime.

Whatever the issue, it is necessary to determine the cause of the problem in order to get the rollers working properly once again. If the rollers are not fixed right away, this can cause further damage to other parts of your garage door, which can be hazardous as well as costly. At United Garage Door Repair in Las Vegas, we’ll be happy to check your garage door to determine the exact problem. Give us a call for a free estimate and we’ll fix your door, so you can get it working properly as quickly as possible.

Replacing Broken Garage Door Rollers

If it’s determined that your garage door rollers are beyond repair and the only solution is to replace them, there are several alternatives from which to choose. Depending on your specific circumstances and requirements, you can determine which would work best for you. Rollers are available in different types of material. The material makes a difference in terms of how noisy the rollers will be as well as how long they will last. You can also find some rollers work with bearings while others function very well without. Those that use ball bearings tend to last longer than those that do not.

Plastic Rollers

Many garage doors in Las Vegas come with this type of roller. These are the cheapest alternative and do not have ball bearings. For this reason, they are one of the most cost-effective alternatives when looking for a garage door roller. This type of material, however, will not last as long as the steel or nylon rollers.

Nylon Rollers

These rollers are a quieter alternative than the steel rollers and they last much longer than the plastic rollers. This type of roller offers an ideal alternative, especially for homeowners who prefer less noise and vibrations when their garage door is in use, as the nylon absorbs much of the vibrations, causing less noise and a smoother operation. This type of roller also uses ball bearings which helps with maintenance and increases the lifespan of the roller.

Steel Rollers Without Bearings

This type of roller will last much longer than plastic rollers, obviously, because they are made of a more durable material. However, these rollers are very noisy when your door is in operation and will cause vibrations. Steel rollers without bearings will not last as long as steel rollers with bearings. However, rollers without bearings tend to be less costly and may work out better for your budget.

Steel Rollers With Bearings

Just as the rollers without bearings, these are considered very durable because the material is stronger, as steel will not wear down as quickly as other materials. In addition, since this alternative has bearings, it provides longer durability than the steel rollers without bearings. It is important to note that with this option, there is still the issue of noise as the steel rollers move along the track.

We Are Just A Call Away

At United Garage Door Repair in Las Vegas, we will work with you to determine what is the best choice for your needs. If your garage door rollers are broken, give us a call and we’ll get your door back up and running in no time. Our trained and reliable technicians are standing by!


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