Steel Garage Doors in Las Vegas, NV

Once you decide to have a new garage door installed in your Las Vegas home, it is important for you to consider the different types of steel garage doors on the market. Steel garage doors are comprised of rugged steel and galvanized in zinc so that they do not rust. After the steel doors are primed and painted, you only have to conduct mild touch ups here and there.

Steel garage doors are generally comprised of such heavy duty steel that you don’t have to do much to take care of them. They come in three strengths levels.

1. The first is a single-level sometimes called a pan garage door. This has a solid, durable exterior which will require very little maintenance of you as the homeowner. However these are very thin, as the name suggests, and they become dented if they are hit which makes them inexpensive and sturdy, but ill suited to most garage door openings.

2. The second is a double layer and this has one layer with a second layer of polystyrene thermal insulation. This makes the door more durable and quieter. Having the double layer design renders your garage door low maintenance and energy efficient. For people who are worried about the noise that their garage door makes, this is a great solution.

3. Third is the triple layer which is comprised of the front steel panel, the thermal middle panel, and the steel backing. This is called the sandwich garage door because the insulated thermal level is sandwiched between two layers of Steel. It is heavy duty on the inside and the outside with environmentally friendly polystyrene thermal interiors. This is a conveniently soundproof door which makes it perfect for almost all garage uses especially for people who want to soundproof the area and keep it warm in the winter but cool in the summer.

Single Layer Steel Doors

The most convenient aspect of a single layer door is that it’s lightweight so it doesn’t require a lot of physical force or mechanical force to move up and down when you open and close the door. If you don’t want to install any type of electronic operation for your garage door then obviously this would be the easiest for you to physically manage. A manual only garage door is going to be the best option for your home if you want to store things like motorcycles or bicycles inside your garage rather than your preferred means of transportation. The lighter the weight, the less impact it will have when it hits the ground and the less weight you will carry when you lift it by hand. Obviously if you do install an electronic components for this design and the garage door system fails, it is much easier for you to manually open. This is obviously something to consider if you live in an area in Las Vegas with frequent power outages.

The single layer doors have a strong surface which makes them great for extreme climates. Consider that if you live in an area with very cold winters or very hot summers, vinyl doors or wood doors can buckle, but steel will maintain its surface quality and shape. Even in areas that have unrelenting Winters with hail and snow and harsh rains, steel is going to be the most resilient material. With this single layer design the surfaces on your garage doors will not warp under humid conditions or crack in freezing temperatures. The composition stays the same no matter what the temperature is outside.

Double Layer Steel Doors

The double layer steel doors are sensible solutions for people who want better strength and durability for their garage door but also prefer that extra layer of thermal protection. Now, the extra layer of insulation naturally makes the door thicker which means that it is less prone to dents. If your garage door is going to see a lot of use, minor accidents will probably happen. Kids will play nearby and a flying object will hit the door, a new driver in the family will park too close and hit the door. In any case, keeping your door protected might be easier if you have an extra layer of support. Given the additional strength of the double layer doors, it is less likely that you will see any cracks or bends along the panels. These are simply primed to operate for many years without damage. If your garage door is physically attached to your home and you are going to use it regularly, the double-layered garage door should be the minimum requirement.


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