Traditional Raised Style Garage Doors

When you set about to tackle a home improvement project in Las Vegas, it can be a challenge. There is no doubt that every homeowner wants a project which will provide the highest return on the financial investment. One of the simplest ways to improve your home in Las Vegas, while achieving a higher return is to replace older garage doors with custom designs.

When to Replace Your Garage Door

If you start to notice that your garage door is responding slower and slower when activated, you may need to call on our professionals to exam the door. If the delay is a lengthy one, we can help you identify the issue causing it, so that you know whether to replace the entire door or just some of the components therein.

It is important to note that a brand new garage door is relatively quiet and smooth. As the components wear out, there are many things that can cause it to function rougher and louder. Increases in the noise generated each time you open and close the unit, for example, are clear signs that it is time to find a brand new door.

Some styles do not last forever. A garage door that may have been in style 20 or 30 years ago when it was originally installed could lose some of its flair and now stick out like a sore thumb. If you have one of these older doors in your home, you might consider replacing the garage door so that you can enhance the overall look and feel of your home to something more modern or complementary to the exterior of your home in Las Vegas.

Choosing Traditional Raised Style Doors

Traditional raised style garage doors can be manufactured in steel or natural wood. You can customize the garage door by choosing long or short designs for the panels, installing decorative window designs, picking from a range of factory paint colors, and even choosing different stains for wood doors.

Steel Versus Wood

With a traditional raise style garage door,  steel construction is one of the better options for you. When you choose a steel door, you get to pick one of three different constructions. The first construction is a single layer design. As the name suggests this has one layer to it. You can choose different panel designs, and of course different colors. These designs are rust-proof but they do not offer the best insulation.

A two insulation design has a secondary layer of polyurethane or polystyrene which increases the energy efficiency of the design and allows you to retain better temperature control with in your garage. A three-layer insulated design is called a sandwich design because it consists of one layer of steel, one layer of insulation, and a second backing of steel. All three layers provide the highest level of energy efficiency and obviously the greatest durability. With the higher durability comes longevity, and the ability to withstand impacts from things like a baseball tossed across the yard, a bumper from a new driver just learning to park, or a kid riding a new bicycle.

The steel construction is expensive the more layers you add but, long-term it will cut down on your overall energy costs. It is a lighter and more durable design compared to wood because it is not susceptible to damage from moisture. Once you get the paint color applied you don’t have to go back and paint it again or stain it again whereas with wood you have to do this regularly.

If you choose a traditional raise style garage door made of wood, you can also opt for three layers of insulation with multiple panel designs. If you prefer natural lighting you can take advantage of hand carved windows. There are many different garage door brands offering multiple woods such as Hemlock, Redwood, or Cedar. You can choose the paint or stain grade options that best fit your home. If you need a very specific shade of wood stain, you can always customize the option at the factory level.

Calling in Professionals

When you’re ready to pick your new garage door in Las Vegas, call a member of our team. We’re professionals dedicated to our craft and we can help. If you have questions, want someone to look over your door for problems, or want to review different traditional styles, let us know.


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