Vinyl Garage Doors in Las Vegas

When you choose to install a new garage door in Las Vegas, you have many materials from which to choose. Vinyl garage doors are a popular choice for many homeowners because they add a stylish appearance and you can customize the look so that it embodies whatever style you want while still remaining safe.

Why Get a Vinyl Garage door?

Compared to other materials might use for your garage door in Las Vegas, vinyl is the most affordable option you have on the market.

If you are someone with a modest budget and you are simply trying to start out with small changes and improvements to your Las Vegas home, a vinyl material is going to be more expensive than steel, but you will enjoy many more cost-effective benefits long-term.


Modern vinyl material comes with many customization options. You can choose a vinyl garage door in Las Vegas that has many paint colors and customization for things like glass windows and finishes. For example, one popular look is to choose a wood finish, so the door looks like wood but doesn’t come with the disadvantages associated with heavier wood doors prone to warping.


Vinyl material actually requires less maintenance. If you paint the vinyl so that it matches with your home you won’t have to worry about painting it regularly so that the color remains bright. The material is actually composed of the color you’ve chosen within the vinyl. It isn’t a color that is painted on top. For that reason, it remains resistant to damage that a layer of paint would face such as sun damage. Moreover, these doors are rust resistant which means that long-term you were going to save money because the regular mechanical maintenance is the only thing you will have to pay for while everything else pays for itself.


Vinyl is more durable than other options. In fact, vinyl is almost entirely dent proof which means anyone with family members and children who might otherwise cause damage to the garage door because they are riding their bikes, learning how to drive, or playing in the driveway will not damage the door if they run into it. Other material might Dent easily showing all the signs of your regular wear and tear, but vinyl doesn’t have that problem. Vinyl doors typically come with a lifetime warranty as well.

Weather Resistant

If you live in an area with inclement weather including very hot areas and very cold areas, vinyl is a more durable and efficient material. Especially for people who live in hot areas, vinyl is going to add an extra layer of protection because it contains a UV resin to protect it from fading under direct sunlight.


The structure of vinyl means there are very limited repairs necessary. Again, the color you have is actually built into the structure of the material rather than painted on, so you won’t see many scratches. The design is durable enough to avoid dents, so it won’t show damage long-term.


If you require it, internal insulation can be manufactured into the garage door. For people who want to improve energy efficiency and might use the garage to store temperature-sensitive materials or are they comfortable place for conducting woodwork, crafts, or family activities, this is a great option to have.

The Downside to Vinyl

If you are going to invest in vinyl material you need to be cognizant of the downsides you might face. Changing the color is obviously going to be expensive because you will have to replace the entire door. Given the fact that the color is created in the resin from which the door is constructed, you cannot change the color as easily as adding a new coat of paint. If you choose to purchase a door without the extra layer of insulation it is going to be challenging to consistently maintain the temperature inside your garage and therefore it could cause problems with your energy efficiency especially given the fact that garage doors tend to be the largest entry point into your home. To that end it is obviously in your best interest to invest in extra insulation if you need that and if you can afford it. It is also best for you to maintain the lifespan of the material by cleaning the doors regularly.

Let Us Help You

If you have any questions about choosing a vinyl garage door in Las Vegas, or what other materials you might have available to you, we can help. Contact us today and a member of our team will help answer any questions you have and provide any guidance you need.


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