White Garage Doors in Las Vegas

There are many colors out there from which to choose, especially for outdoor painting such as a garage door. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint is all you need to improve the look of your garage door in Las Vegas. If you don’t want to replace the existing garage door you have you can bring it back to life with a new coat of paint. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint is really all it takes to improve weather damage. Painting your garage door does require small amount of prep work and some planning ahead of time. This isn’t the type of projects that you can simply take on spontaneously. Depending on how long it takes to dry it might even take you an entire weekend to have the garage door painted yourself or hire professionals to paint for you.

Picking Your Color

Neutral colors of course are grey, white, and black. You can choose to mix complementary colors in order to achieve a neutral color. If your house is already a neutral color than you have a limitless array of color options from which to choose or your garage door. White is a great look for a white home if you want a monochromatic design or if you simply want your garage door to blend in with the existing property so as to better highlight other areas of the home or yard.

If you have a brick home taking out the color for your garage door is a bit more challenging because brick is certainly not a neutral background like a white color is. There are many different colors of brick available as well, so if you have a yellow brick house in Las Vegas, a color that you choose for your garage door might clash horribly with someone who has a red brick house. To that end it is best that you choose the color based on the style of brick used for your home.

Look at the brick color. If you notice that there are white flecks or tan as a primary color this might be the best option for the garage door. White can offset a brick home and highlight the white flecks inside of the brick naturally. High contrast is a wonderful way to stand out your garage door against the backdrop of your home exterior in Las Vegas. If you have a gray house you can choose a bright white shade of Garage door paint.

If you are worried about curb appeal don’t focus on picking a bold, rash, or unique design. Your garage door doesn’t have to be two tone. It doesn’t need an unusual color. You can pick a clean and neutral color to increase the upsell potential of your home. Blending the garage into the structure of the rest of your house even if you simply paint the trim to match the trim of your window shutters, it will elongate the home and make your property visually bigger.

Consider the material of your home in Las Vegas. Different materials might be complemented by specific colors. If you have a wood grain finish on your home, a black or white shade or the garage door can help to draw out the darker or lighter aspects of the wood grain. If you have a brick designs, again neutral colors like black or white can accent the flecks of color both dark and light that exist naturally in a brick material. Traditional Styles and contemporary styles can be complimented with a neutral paint color for your garage door.

How Much Paint is Necessary?

Most of the time you don’t need to purchase a lot of paint if you are only painting your garage door. Even if you have to paint two or three coats in order to cover up an existing darker color below, one gallon of primer and one gallon of paint are typically sufficient. If you contact us we can help provide you with a free estimate.

Turn to Our Team!

Get in touch with our services today by stopping by or contacting us for a free estimate. Learn what we can do to help you paint your garage door and pick the best color for your Las Vegas home. We are here to answer any questions you might have.


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