Wood Garage Doors in Las Vegas

When you set about picking a material for your garage door in Las Vegas, there are many from which to choose, but wood is of course quintessential choice among homeowners. Wooden doors are popular because of their ability to add character to a home, and because of their classic appeal. You can many customization options with wood doors including the wood type, the stain, the panels, and the windows.

Why Pick a Wood Garage Door

There are many reasons why you would want a garage door. Customization is the first reason. Wooden doors can be customized to meet any preferences you have. You can take advantage of unique finishes or woodworking designs to make a door that matches the exterior of your home down to the grooves or your siding or the windows on the façade. If your garage floor is not level because of where it sits, a wooden door can be more easily altered to fit the discrepancy.

Aesthetics are another reason to choose a wood door. You can choose fir, redwood, alder, cedar, and many more choices—whatever fits your home exterior. Aesthetically speaking you can add hardware like door studs, hinges, handles, or knockers. The door itself can be designed as a folding door, sliding door, or swinging door.

Wooden doors are thought to be the most durable of garage door materials. They require a bit of require maintenance, but long term they will withstand a great deal more than other materials. In fact, the more maintenance you put into the door, the longer it will last against things like rot, distortions, or bends. On that note, repairs are easily done and you can replaced damaged portions or panels without having to replace the entire door; the same cannot be said for other materials. For those who are concerned about the environment, wooden garage doors happen to be the most eco-friendly option out there. Moreover, this material is more efficient as natural sound barriers. They will reduce noise pollution for those who plan to use the garage for activities. Wooden doors are also energy efficient so they will keep the area cold when you want, and hot when you want. Said temperature changes will not alter the lifespan of the door either.

Downsides to Wood

While wood is certainly one of the better options for garage door materials, it is also the most expensive. Custom creations are bound to be pricier compared to pre-manufactured designs. If money is an issue, there are fiberglass designs which can be stained to look like wood. On a tangential note, since these doors are not pre-fabricated and ready for your purchase, it does take longer to buy, manufacture, and install a wooden door in Las Vegas. They will need to be built to your specifications before they can be installed.

Then there is the issue of rot. If you live in a wet area where moisture is common, wood door might rot more easily than in other climates. If you are not able to conduct regular maintenance, or you simply won’t be able to devote the time/money, wood doors may not be the best fit.

There is also the concern of safety. These doors, by nature, are quite heavy. As such, if the power goes out and the door needs to be lifted manually, it would be quite heavy to do on your own. Without adequate springs or the right garage door opener, the weight could compromise the structures you have in place and pose a slight risk to anyone who happens to be standing under the door if everything were to break. The more realistic risk here is that it could stop working properly and this would result in the inability to open and close the door manually day in and day out until repairs are possible.

Using Our Services

We can answer any additional questions you have about your garage and help provide personalized advice about whether wood garage doors are truly the best option for your Las Vegas home. Before you make your decision, let our professionals help you compare the options on the table, the costs, installation, and durability so that you can install a door that best fits your home exterior, your budget, and your needs.


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