Yellow Garage Doors in Las Vegas

Yellow makes for a wonderful paint color option for garage doors, depending on the style and color scheme of your home in Las Vegas. Yellow and purple are complementary colors so those with a light purple home might do well to complement that color with a yellow garage door. Yellow can be soft or dark, bold or light. With a complementary yellow garage door, you can create a bold statement with a purple home. Monochromatic are colors that come from the same hue but are simply different shades of that hue, like various shades of yellow all being a yellow hue.

If you have a brick home you might think of primary color theory. You can embody the monochromatic color scheme and choose a garage door color which comprises the primary color of the brick. For example, if you have a yellow brick home you can choose a yellow garage door paint color.

If you have a yellow colored house you can choose a neutral color that is monochromatic to mix with that color so that you get a brighter or lighter design. Choosing a white or black that are simply one or two shades different and mixing them with the exterior color you already have can allow you to blend the garage door colors seamlessly into your home.

Picking The Day

Once you have picked the yellow color you want for your garage door, you have to pick the day that the paint will be applied. The temperature outside will dictate whether the day is a good one for painting or not. The ideal temperature is something cooler than 75 degrees but warmer than 50 degrees. There are certain seasons and weather conditions that create the best time for painting Outdoors. If your weather forecast expects rain or high humidity is not the appropriate time to have the door painted. It will take an incredibly long time for the paint to dry in between different coats and experience will be far from pleasant. So, if you do it yourself it will end up taking it will end up costing you more because of the increased time.

Humidity needs to be low and it’s a good idea to paint only in the areas that aren’t getting direct sunlight or to simply wait until the sun is no longer shining directly on that part of your garage door. If the day has warm temperatures but a bit of clouds across the sky, that is perfect.


The material that you have for your garage door will heavily influence the type of paint you are able to use. If you have a metal garage door or a wooden garage door, you can typically use an exterior yellow latex paint. If you have an older aluminum door, one that you had since you moved in, or your aluminum door is damaged, you might have to strip the paint on the door away entirely, clean it, prime it, and then paint it. The way to determine whether you have to do all of this prep work it’s pretty easy. Try and rub the door gently and if you get a trail of powder on your hand, you will need to strip the paint away and make time and budget for primer.

Painting Your Garage Door

How you paint your garage door is contingent upon the style of door you have. If your garage door has inset panels, the rectangular panels that rest at a depression inside the door, you will want to use a brush to paint these panels first. With the brush you’re able to paint the depressed regions before you move on to the raised areas. These raised areas are called stiles and when you paint them you use a roller brush. If you need to use primer, be sure to apply that first. Give it 12 hours or more to dry before you tackle the first and possibly second coats of paint.

Let Us Help

We are here to help. If you have any questions or need assistance picking a color, let us know. Our dedicated garage door staff in Las Vegas is ready to answer any questions you might have. We can supply you with paints, supplies, and knowledge.


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